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Diagnostic Medical Ultrasounds

After numerous requests & by popular demand we are excited to now offer diagnostic medical ultrasound Services! These ultrasound appointments can be made with an order from your primary care physician, OB/GYN and/or midwife.

Secret Stork Ultrasound & Pregnancy Spa combines state of the art Ultrasound equipment with decades of medical experience to provide high quality diagnostic ultrasounds & medical services in our luxurious private office. At Secret Stork you can look forward no wait times, easy fast scheduling & for most patients the radiology report/results within 24 hours.


Prices listed are based on payment in full at time of service.  Secret Stork Ultrasound & Pregnancy Spa does not submit claims to insurance and appointments are paid at time of service. HSA & FSA cards accepted, as well as Credit/Debit cards and cash.

Diagnostic Medical Ultrasounds

Early Pregnancy Confirmation/ Viability


5 - 11 weeks
First trimester scans are important for determining accurate dating of your baby’s age and due date. Fetal cardiac activity is checked and heart rate is calculated, structures such as the yolk and gestational sac are evaluated to ensure normal first trimester development. The uterus and ovaries are evaluated to check for cysts or tumors which may complicate your pregnancy. Causes of bleeding or pain in your first trimester are other issues we can check during your ultrasound. Exams are performed with transabdominal ultrasound to obtain the most information for your doctor or midwife.

Fetal Anatomical Survey aka "Anatomy Scan"

$250 ($350 for Multiples)
18 – 22 weeks

Our Complete Detailed Anatomical Scans are studies evaluating the structures of your baby's brain, heart, spine, internal organs, limbs, umbilical cord, placenta and amniotic fluid. A transabdominal Cervical evaluation is generally performed in addition to pelvic structures such as the uterus, ovaries, and pelvic spaces. Complimentary HD-Live 3D/4D samples and Pics sent directly to your phone following the ultrasound.  Gender can be determined for interested parents.

Fetal Follow Up Ultrasound

$150 ($250 for Multiples)
12 – 40 weeks

Follow up limited ultrasound studies are ordered to check single issues like fetal position or amniotic fluid levels. In addition to monitoring baby's size, percentile, and dating. Complimentary HD-Live 3D/4D samples and Pics sent directly to your phone. Gender can be determined for interested parents more than 15 weeks.

*** To Schedule Your Medical Diagnosic Ultrasound Please Call Our Office***

(559) 418 - 0096

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